We offer a variety of product qualities for applications in the steel, foundary and chemical industry. The products are systematically procured internationally in the required specification, individually processed and supplied according to customer requirements. Our objective is first and foremost to manufacture a specific product quality that is suitable for your production process.

We offer the following product categories:

Raw materials

  • Anthracite
  • Hard coal
  • Graphite

Processing carbons

  • Coke
    • Metallurgy coke
    • Dry coke
    • Foundry coke
  • Petroleum coke
    • Green petroleum coke
    • Calcined petroleum coke
  • Calcinates
    • Gas calcined anthracite  (GCA)
    • Electrically calcined anthracite  (ECA)
    • Calcined petroleum coke  (CPC)
    • Graphite petroleum coke  (GPC)

Special products/applications

  • Injection coal
  • Foaming coal
  • Carburising agents
  • Blended products
  • Carbon concentrates
  • Electric-steel-furnace coal
  • Reducing agents
  • Deoxidising carbons
  • Cover materials
  • Cathodic corrosion protection

Chemical products

  • in progress


All products can be specially processed for you on request. Learn more about processing options under Services.

We are also happy to look at other processes together with you.


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